de la Aguilera

Luis de la Aguilera

Luis de la Aguilera joined U.S. Century Bank on December 21, 2015 and was appointed as President and Chief Executive Officer on April 1, 2016. Prior to his joining U.S. Century Bank, Mr. de la Aguilera worked from 2000-2015 as President and Chief Executive Officer of TotalBank, Florida’s 12th largest commercial bank. During his tenure at TotalBank, he served as Executive Vice President heading the bank’s Corporate Lending, Construction Loan and Business Development divisions. In 2009, Mr. de la Aguilera was named President and Chief Marketing Officer, and in 2013 was promoted to Chief Executive Officer. During his 15-year association with this bank, Mr. de la Aguilera directed its key production units, including commercial, real estate, small business, and residential mortgage lending, and significantly expanded its footprint in Miami-Dade County to 21 banking centers. Mr. de la Aguilera served in strategic positions with TotalBank, including as chair or a member of its Executive, Management, ALCO, BSA, Audit and Loan Committees. From 1989 to 2000, Mr. de la Aguilera served in management and loan production positions with Ocean Bank, and business development and lending positions with Republic National Bank from 1982 to1988. In addition to Mr. de la Aguilera’s extensive banking background, he is active with the Florida Banker’s Association, where he actively serves on the Board. Mr. de la Aguilera further served from 2012-2015 as a Director of the Florida School of Banking, at the University of Florida, Gainesville and continues his association as an active program instructor. He also served as the 2014-15 Florida Representative for the American Banking Association’s Government Relations Council. Mr. de la Aguilera graduated from the University of Miami in 1981 with B.A. in English and Minor in Business Administration.